Teaspoon – multifunctional and indispensable for tea connoisseurs – the tea spoon


Teaspoon – indispensable not only for the stylish enjoyment of hot drinks and desserts

New teaspoon – fresh design meets high usability

The current tableware and cutlery collections are presented in a minimalist design. “Form follows function” is the designer principle in the design of the teaspoon, the glass, the cup, the tea strainer and the teapot. Simple-straight teaspoons convince visually and haptically: Made of alloyed stainless steels like chrome, they look valuable and fit well in the hand. Whether used commercially as a component of gastro cutlery or privately: one of the most important quality features of teaspoons, dessert spoons or coffee spoons suitable for everyday use is ease of care – just as other cutlery parts as well as glasses and dishes require them. Stainless steel teaspoons may be put in the dishwasher and, unlike cutlery made of a silver alloy, do not oxidise in the air. This eliminates labour- and cost-intensive cleaning procedures using ecologically questionable care products.

The bee diligent tea spoon / tea spoon – an underrated multifunctional talent

One can think in detail about whether the contents of the pantry provide a large portion of dinner and a drink or, in general, whether the new infuser reliably keeps it tight on the move. Recently, with a view to a functionally sufficient, but reduced equipped kitchen equipment, I philosophised about which 10 non-battery-powered objects are the least dispensable. Among them was the teaspoon. Not the complete cutlery set, the filigree espresso spoon, the rustic wooden spoon or the fragile spoon made of environmentally harmful plastic, but the classic teaspoon made of robust material. If the teaspoon is not at the table in the midst of his peers and the tea set, he is busy at the base: The tea spoon is used in the kitchen area, for example, to taste cold and hot food and helps with the dosage of medicine or food supplements in drop form. The teaspoon is used when cooking or baking ingredients do not have to be weighed down to the last gram. Conclusion: The purpose of the teaspoon in everyday life is not stirring in a tea cup alone!

Fleeting teaspoons – small spoons obviously slide through a sieve more often

Everything has its time – it´s Tea Time now: The water boils. The cups await the tea, next to it the lemon. However, teaspoons cannot be detected. Statistically speaking, the small spoons are lost more often than other cutlery parts. Teaspoons, for example, accidentally end up in the dustbin together with yoghurt cups, are permanently kidnapped from the household to go to school or are hidden under cupboards for years.

If the price and quality of the product match, it makes sense to add individual teaspoons or teaspoons to the set in good time before the next major festive occasion.

Teaspoon instruction 1

Teaspoon Instructions: Step 1
Pour the tea directly into the bottle or tea strainer. The amount depends on the type of tea and the desired strength of the tea. We recommend 2 to 8 grams.

Teaspoon instruction 2

Teaspoon Instructions: Step 2
Fill the hot water directly into the bottle and close the lid. Let the tea brew for 1 to 3 minutes. Depending on the tea, you can infuse your tea up to four times.

Teaspoon instruction 3

Teaspoon Instructions: Step 3
The tea is drunk directly from the bottle. The bottle is designed for drinking directly from the bottle. A transfer into a cup is not necessary.

Teaspoon advantages, glass 400ml double-walled, dense, bpa-free, tea strainer, tea filter, lid
  • double-walled borosilicate glass
  • Hot up to 1h hot
  • Cold up to 2h cold
  • 100% tight / BPA free
  • easy cleaning
  • Tea filter and tea strainer
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